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Short Courses - Institute of Strategic Management

Instil in partnership with registered training organisation Institute of Strategic Management (ISM) proudly offers the best overall value proposition to all mutuals competing in the retail financial services market. This value proposition is based on the following six attributes:-

Financial & Business Services Expertise

ISM have more than 20 years practical experience in all parts of financial and business services. We pride ourselves on leading mutuals to thrive in the changing business environment. 

Quality Training, Expertly Delivered

ISM are ASIC accredited and a recommended provider to MFAA, NAB Broker, Aussie Home Loans and mutual ADIs. 

ISM delivers highly customised packages for your company’s needs and focus. The training will be aligned with your business’s goals and give you training that will not only tick the boxes but deliver you real results in your employee skill sets and deliver positive culture change.

Extensive range of course options

A large range of course offerings from short courses and qualifications including Certificate III, IV to Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. Customised training to suit your organisation to meet your goals, ISM delivers industry leading training that will give you the results you need.

Choice of Delivery Option

ISM offers face-to-face workshops and eLearning, using sophisticated web based learning techniques backed by full expert tutor support. An additional option is blended learning, a mixture of eLearning and face to face workshops, is also available. Many competitors only offer an online pre packaged option. 

Value for Money training

ISM offers training that will deliver you a high return on investment, giving you real results and strong employee knowledge. Group workshops can be facilitated in all capital cities and regional centers on application.


Experts in Sourcing Government Funding

With a commitment, when secured, to pass this on to clients in full so that they can optimise their own training dollar value. ISM will actively work to source funding for you – does your current supplier do this? 

We welcome you to contact ISM on 1300 200 702 to talk to a representative about optimising your training or Click here to connect to the Joint Instil and Institute of Strategic Management webpage for further details about each course on offer, plus enrolment links. 

  • Short Courses- to find out more about ISM's short courses, please refer to their Training Guide or call 1300 200 705 to discuss your needs.


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