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Through Instil's commitment to the excellence, professionalism and integrity of its members, the Institute is focused on supporting the continuing enhancement in the professionalism of credit union, building society and mutual bank directors and managers.

A key plank in the drive towards greater industry professionalism is Instil's Membership Category System and its linkage to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements. This system of continuing professional development requires members to complete a minimum level of CPD to maintain the membership category that they have attained. The system encourages an ongoing commitment to professional development in recognition of the challenging business and regulatory environment that directors and managers operate within. Instil has adopted a minimal regulatory role in monitoring the adherence to the minimum number of CPD hours per rolling three years completed by the three membership categories as set out below.

Category Directors' Stream Managers' Stream
Fellow 60 60
Associate Fellow 60 60
Member 60 60
The one regulatory aspect that Instil has retained involves the conduct of random audits via mutuals to verify that Fellows and Associate Fellows are meeting their minimum CPD hour commitments. Such a random audit would be limited to no more than 5 per cent of Fellows and Associate Fellows in any one year.

CPD Points will be awarded based on either the Instil formula or the formula used by other professional associations recognised by Instil as being appropriate to the professional development needs of mutual ADI directors and managers.
The responsibility for CPD is a three way partnership between the individual member, their organisation and Instil. The Institute does not see its role as interfering with the professional development that takes place within organisations but to assist and complement. Instil will continue to provide professional development and training courses which are constructed and delivered specifically with mutual ADI directors and managers in mind. Instil members will be responsible to ensure that:

1.       they meet the minimum annual CPD requirements that are linked to their membership category, and;
2.       the recording of their own CPD activity is maintained and kept up-to-date, ideally within the mutual ADI training register.

Instil will reserve the right, at its discretion, to downgrade membership category status by one level in cases where a Fellow or Associate Fellow has not completed the required minimum CPD requirement of 60 hours/points over a rolling three year period.  The use of this discretion will be undertaken on a case by case basis taking into account the circumstances of the person concerned.
Recognition - Instil provides guidelines on a formula to assist members meet their commitment to CPD. The formula covers all courses, workshops/conferences offered by Instil. The Instil formula is based upon three points for each half-day of learning and six points for each full day of learning based on a six hour day of learning. 

Instil's CPD system includes recognition of CPD conducted with those professional associations deemed relevant to the professional development needs of mutual ADI directors and managers (eg. AICD, AIM, CPA, ICAA, CSA, etc) along with accredited educational activities targeted at the retail financial services industry (eg. COBA, ABA , Finsia).

Instil recognises that many members, as part of their working commitments, will undertake PD activities, external to Instil and these will assist them in their mutual ADI role and responsibilities - these activities will also be accommodated in the proposed guidelines. CPD points awarded by these organisations will be deemed to have an equal value when included to meet Instil's CPD accreditation obligations.

For example, the AICD awards 12 hours CPD accreditation to AICD members attending their 2009 Company Directors' Conference (over 2-3 days), so that any Instil members attending this event will be able to include these 12 hours of accreditation to meet their Instil CPD obligations.

Instil also encourages members with appropriate expertise to participate in the delivery of professional development activities both within conference programs and through sessions within training courses and forum for the benefit of fellow members both within and external to the mutual ADI sector. Such participation can be recognized through the allocation of CPD points on a case by case basis by way of an application being submitted to Instil.
The guidelines also acknowledge the necessity of recording CPD hours to ensure that members can meet their CPD commitments. Each mutual ADI is requested to keep a record of all CPD activity on their training register in a form that will enable the provision of documentation to Instil when conducting a random audit relating to the CPD activity for an Instil Fellow or Associate Fellow in the mutual.

Whilst CPD commitments will be monitored on an annual basis the impact on Instil membership status will be assessed over a triennial basis to provide the flexibility inherent in members balancing their work, professional development, lifestyle and family commitments. Mutual ADIs will be encouraged by Instil to include a reference to the Instil Membership Categorisation and CPD systems and to determine the desired mix of CPD having regard to a minimum component of structured training/learning.

The CPD system has sufficient flexibility to cover the differing circumstances of both directors and managers and their varying educational and professional development needs. Furthermore, the system has sufficient scope and flexibility to include the educational and professional development offerings from a wide range of accredited organisations, especially the various professional institutes. Finally, the Instil CPD system has been brought into some but not total alignment with the recently restructured Company Directors mandatory Director Professional Development (DPD) requirements.

Alignment between the Instil Professional Development Program and the Company Directors Mandatory Director Professional Development (DPD) Requirements

All Australian Institute of Company Directors members are from 1st January 2013 now required to undertake a minimum of 60 units of Director Professional Development (DPD) over each rolling three year cycle for the duration of their membership (Mandatory DPD Requirement).

DPD means activities (including both formal and informal learning) undertaken to improve directors’ skills and capabilities within the areas identified in the Company Directors Corporate Governance Framework. A member may fulfil their Mandatory DPD Requirement by obtaining the requisite number of DPD units from:-

a)      activities offered by Company Directors; or
b)      professional development activities undertaken through external providers of appropriate professional standing (provided
         the activities relate to the practice of directorship and governance, as identified in the Framework
The Customer Owned Banking Association and the Australasian Mutuals Institute now trading as Instil in the judgement of Instil both qualify as external providers of appropriate professional standing.
Given that Instil has a number of members who are also members of AICD and after completing the review and restructure of both the Membership Categorisation System and the Continual Professional Development (CPD) system the Institute wrote to the Australian Institute of Company Directors to present our credentials as an external provider.
In response to this letter Maureen Monckton General Manager Director & Board Development, AICD made the following key points:-
  • We understand many members will be undertaking professional development outside of that which Company Directors offers in order to satisfy their continual professional development.
  • The design of our PDP program places responsibility on our members to use their judgement in making this eligibility assessment as a part of their director professional development. We recognise that third party providers, including professional associations, provide learning for a director that complements the professional development available from us at Company Directors.
  • We are keen that our members can count this toward their DPD requirement but the particular decision about its alignment to the Company Directors Corporate Governance Framework lies with individual members.
Instil Programs/Forum/Courses/Workshops – CPD Hours Allocation

The event brochure for each of these will include a notification of the CPD Hours entitlement for completing the event based on the general allocation of six CPD Hours per day involved plus, where required, an allowance for designated pre event knowledge development work activity. 

Customer Owned Banking Association (COBA) Industry Association Events - CPD Hours Allocation

There are also some events run by COBA which include the allocation of CPD hours/points which will also provide notification of such points allocation on the brochure/program. Key examples which in the judgement of Instil would also qualify for Company Directors DPD units are:-
  • COBA National Conventions – from 11 to 15.5 CPD hours/points depending on the program contact
  • COBA CEOs & Directors Forum – 5 CPD hours/points
  • COBA Effective Governance for the Board Seminar – 4.5 CPD hours/points  
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