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Planning your next step

Bucket list, goals, stretch goals, learning development plan – they all have something in common – they are a list of things you need to achieve during a set period of time.  As with any plan – a learning plan helps you:
·         identify the things you need to do as you plan your career
·         achieve certain standards of competency in a technical skill
·         maintain your professional credentials
·         share your knowledge with others, and
·         reach your business KPI’s that are set at the start of the year.   

A well crafted learning plan helps guide you, your manager and the business on what you can learn and achieve during a year.  Regularly check out the AM Institute blogs, events and learning calendar for great ideas to build into your learning plan as the year progresses.  These events, programs and resources can help you achieve your learning plan by the end of the year.  Need a hand understanding how a program or event might help your learning plan – then give us a call – we are here to help.
| Monday, 2 March 2015
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