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How well did you communicate today?

As member based organisations we communicate with our members regularly and our work colleagues even more frequently.  Communicating with impact helps us communicate our member value proposition and work with our colleagues to create great places to work.   So how well did you communicate today – list your yes/no answers to the following statements based on today’s communication with others:
  • When I spoke with members and potential members I found the conversation always flowed easily without any major pauses or gaps in the conversation.
  • I am really comfortable in sharing our member value proposition with our members.
  • When I delegate something to a colleague at work the action item is always achieved swiftly and efficiently.
  • I have no problem in encouraging my colleagues to generate new ideas to solve the business challenges we face.
  • When I work with leaders in the business I feel empowered to ask questions.
  • I am really confident in sharing ideas with others, including leaders in my business.

Hopefully you answered yes to each of those questions.  If you scored a no then consider a blended learning approach (check out our blog on this topic) to developing your communication skills  and consider attending a communication skills program to include in your learning development plan (check out our blog on Planning the next step) 

Looking for a great communication skills program then check out our events and program planner. 
| Monday, 30 March 2015
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