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Top Tip on ….. How to get recognised for your achievements

Imagine ….... you have just had the email, you know the one from your leader looking to review your performance for the year and the meeting is tomorrow. It’s PANIC TIME! You think what have I done this year? Was that project this year or last? Oh no this might be a tough conversation !!!!!
Have you been there before?

It is easy to get caught up in the moment, working hard on delivering a piece of work and forgetting the key things you have achieved.

Instead of sifting through old folders that are collecting dust on your desk, or scanning through your emails, there is another way that will help you stay on top of everything you do during the year and avoid the panic at the eleventh hour.

Set yourself up a folder in your emails called ‘performance’. Throughout the year blind copy (BCC) yourself into any key emails for a project or piece of work and put them in that folder. It gives you an active timeline of all your achievements for the year that is easy to recall.

It’s quick, easy and will really help you recall the work as you have the email chain there at hand so you can be ready to go into that performance review and own it!

This also works when you are applying for a new role and need some good examples to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in an area for the interview.


Justin MacDonald - guest blogger and Chair QLD Regional Council
| Friday, 9 January 2015
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