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I hate Mondays

I hate Mondays
So, have you heard the saying ‘I hate Mondays’ or agreed with someone else saying it at some stage? It’s easy to go along with the flow and agree to the statement isn’t it?

Did you know just by saying “I hate Mondays” you are condemning over 4,000 Monday’s, which works out to hating over 11 years of your life, scary isn’t it!

So what’s the alternative?
Why not instead embrace the day and all that it can be, seize back 20% of your working week and put back 11 years into your life that would otherwise be lost.

Just pause… just pause for a minute and imagine what you could do if you dedicated 11 years of your life to just one thing?

It took Michelangelo less than 5 years to paint the entire Sistine Chapel, so why not grab a brush and work towards your own masterpiece? Why not treat each Monday like another stroke of the brush as you move closer to something you are passionate about, your career, completing a degree, working on your hobby or dedicating it to your family?

So arm yourself with this knowledge the next time someone says ‘I hate Monday’s’ be sure to smile to yourself knowing that you have taken control of your Monday’s and have taken back 11 years of your life.

Justin MacDonald - guest blogger and Chair Qld Regional Council
| Monday, 2 February 2015
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