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Mobile Identity Key for Financial Services

fingerprintA new report released by Telstra on 17th June reveals that Australian consumers using mobile banking applications want their mobile devices to instantly recognise them via biometrics, such as fingerprint and voiceprint, instead of having to prove who they are with passwords and usernames. 
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How well did you communicate today?

As member based organisations we communicate with our members regularly and our work colleagues even more frequently.  Communicating with impact helps us communicate our member value proposition and work with our colleagues to create great places to work.   So how well did you communicate today – list your yes/no answers to the following statements based on today’s communication with others:
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Planning your next step

Bucket list, goals, stretch goals, learning development plan – they all have something in common – they are a list of things you need to achieve during a set period of time.  As with any plan – a learning plan helps you:
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I hate Mondays

I hate Mondays
So, have you heard the saying ‘I hate Mondays’ or agreed with someone else saying it at some stage? It’s easy to go along with the flow and agree to the statement isn’t it?

Did you know just by saying “I hate Mondays” you are condemning over 4,000 Monday’s, which works out to hating over 11 years of your life, scary isn’t it!
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Top Tip on ….. How to get recognised for your achievements

Imagine ….... you have just had the email, you know the one from your leader looking to review your performance for the year and the meeting is tomorrow. It’s PANIC TIME! You think what have I done this year? Was that project this year or last? Oh no this might be a tough conversation !!!!!
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