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Governance 360

Instil in partnership with the Institute of Strategic Management offers the highly credentialed Governance 360  – a governance tool that provides powerful, objective insights into the effectiveness of:-

·         The Board as a whole;
·         Directors as a group;
·         Directors individually; and
·         Board sub-committees
Based on compelling research including hundreds of surveys completed with more than ten years of data across large building societies to small and mid-sized credit unions it can benchmark your Board against the characteristics of successful Boards in the mutual sector. Governance 360 is objective and independent. The process is simple to implement with each director receiving an individual review pack and report. ISM manages administration and follow-up.
Governance 360 goes beyond the boundaries of a Board Performance Assessment with the review conducted by industry experts with extensive experience in mutuals and governance and powerful insight into industry trends and norms. Governance 360 however does not simply provide a set of data and reports but rather provides detailed discussion on performance, trends and industry benchmarks along with specific proposed interventions that help Boards and individual directors improve performance. ISM will provide personal support and coaching to help each chairperson get the best from the review.
For further details including the contact details for Gerard Hermens and Patrick McClure refer to  http://www.ism.nsw.edu.au/governance360.
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